November 21, 2014 | Prayed for 2 times

Thank you to everyone who sent up prayers for spiritual intervention in my studies. Overcoming daunting or seemingly impossible situations is not my strong suit. Please continue to pray for the Lord to place people and tools in my path to shed light in areas where I need deeper and more practical understanding of course material. I trust the Lord and believe that any knowledge gained is a blessing. Also, please pray for my family and friends who are encountering issues with aging parents and siblings. That the Lord will bring bountiful peace, joy, and resolve to our circumstances. I am feeling a little depressed at this time and am in need of joy and interal peace. Finally, pray for me to move in wisdom and to take action necessary to realize a healthier diet and exercise choices, that the holy spirit will move me to get on the right track and provide encouragement to keep me there. And that all of the blessings received will go towards His glory. Thanks again sisters and brothers in Christ.


November 18, 2014 | Prayed for 11 times

Hi there, I am stuck in my life, time is moving so fast that I do not have any control. I am in job and I am doing it to convince my love's parents but I am not sure whether they will agree on our marriage. She is love of my life. She made me what I am today. She is my heart, my happiness. She is my relief, she is my energy. She is my sunrise, she is the only light. Friends, please pray for me. I really need your encouragement. Many Thanks.


November 18, 2014 | Prayed for 15 times

Dear Partners , My dad is going into heart surgery within the next hour , Lets agree the LORD JESUS to manifest the healing through doctors and everything to be perfect …. May the Lord richly bless you


November 17, 2014 | Prayed for 18 times

Continued prayer please for my daughter ( middle) at the AD Center -- prayer for her sister ( older) very hard - grieving as well Pray that God will reveal His plan -- keep middle daughter strong in her faith - put her in the place where she needs to be for the best help... Pray for their unsaved father.... Pray that God is drawing the girls back to where they know they belong (to Jesus) Pray for me as we move thru the holidays and how to speak to little daughter... God has a plan and I believe He will complete it......


November 17, 2014 | Prayed for 17 times

Please pray for my husband George that he would remain faithful to God and that the Lord would take away his fear and anxiety. Please pray that the Lord will take away our employment difficulties. Thank you.


November 11, 2014 | Prayed for 33 times

HELLO, My fellow believers, I ask that you ALL come in agreement to my request as this is a very SERIOUS AND DANGEROUS matter! I am a young adult who faced a horrible childhood.. I have been on many journeys in my life! I came from a small town in California.. Lost everything but God opened the door allowing me to move to the east coast .. I was alone and scared at the time just being 20 years old .. I than met a guy who brought me to the Dc area his family took me in and for 2 1/2 years provided for me as I tried to start up a new life! things were not well between me and this man and i begged the Lord for some way out! He answered these prayers.. and blessed me with a new job, car, and amazing job! I created a new life without depending on my ex and his family .. Because of all the life traumas. I went threw as a child and all the ups and downs as a young adult and being here on the east coast with all the high cost all aloneit has made me worry,worry and worry!! NOW it has become a spiritual attack! Not only on my but my family back in Cali and My mom's friend as well! Day in and day out I live with horrible anxiety so bad that I cant eat, I am losing weight rapidly .. It is causing me to go into depression! I am full of fear of losing everything and becoming homeless .. I feel so alone and afraid! I am praying day in and day out for deliverance from this attack but it seems more I fight it the more It attacks me! I am having faith God will bless me with a beautiful future and life but at same time I fear the worst! This attack has gotten me so bad that I just want to DIE!!! I ask all of you out there please, please, please come in agreement and rebuke this off of me as well as my mother, sister and her friend! I want to live my life again without worry and anxiety .. I want to feel free and worry-less .. again! PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS REQUEST PLEASE PRAY FOR MY HEALTH AND THAT THIS DEMONIC SPIRITUAL ATTACK ON ME WILL BE GONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

  • Most Recent Update | Posted on November 16, 2014

    I just want to thank everyone for your prayers! I lord is really moving on me .. I am able to live day to day without having anxiety all day.. It comes and goes... and when it comes I just try to pray it off or ignore it! please just keep up the prayers they are really helping!


November 16, 2014 | Prayed for 15 times

Please pray for the Dad of someone I love. He is battling cancer and is mentally loosing strength to go on. I have trouble making my friend feel better because there is nothing really to say besides "I am here for you". Let's ask the Lord to make this situation easiest for everyone involved and if he decides to take his dad to let them part in harmony. They have had a very though relationship and I am praying that they will be able to work it out to keep good memories of each other. Please give the family strength to be there for each other and be strong together to let others be there for them and to talk about their fears and worries. Oh Lord please protect Michael- he has been trough so much and has such a good and sweet heart. I'm worried what would happen to us if he get's broken and pushes me more away. Thank you for including us into your prayer. May the Lord bless you. Amen.


November 15, 2014 | Prayed for 15 times

Please pray for my friend, fellow believer, and coworker, Scott. His marriage is strained and he is about to enter individual counseling for the purpose of personal healing. There has been some talk of separation in the past, but it no longer appears immanent due to his willingness to seek help. He has a genuine conviction of sin toward his wife. Please pray for wisdom from his counselor, healing for him, his wife, and daughter. Also pray that the entire process would be characterized by grace. Thank you for praying.

Linda Shuo

November 15, 2014 | Prayed for 15 times

During the past two months I have posted prayer requests due to the loss of a teaching job at a local University. But I didn’t expect more woes coming. Last week I was in a car accident (the third one this year!). Trying to pass my car, a reckless driver cut in my lane from left behind, knocking off the side mirror and leaving bad scratches on the driver side of my car. No one was injured. But the drive didn’t admit to liability. Since there were no police report and no eye witnesses, my insurance company said that they could not be able to ask the other party’s insurance company to pay for the damages caused my car which will run up to $3000 for the car repair. If I do want to have my car fixed, I will have to pay $500 deductible and the premium will be raised by 30% next year. To make things worse, I keep receiving traffic tickets. Most recent two tickets ($75 each) are for running through red light. This is my first time to be accused of such an offense since I started to drive in 2006! There will be another ticket coming from Swiss police (60 Swiss francs) for something I did while I was in Switzerland in July! I don't know what exactly was the infraction because the letter was in French. Once again, I'd ask for your prayers. Thank you!


November 13, 2014 | Prayed for 27 times

My wife is an alcoholic and really struggling right now. After being sober for over 3 1/2 years she started drinking again last summer and has not been able to stop. Please pray that we are able to get her the proper treatment, that she knows that she's loved and forgiven. Thanks!

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