April 06, 2015 | Prayed for 12 times

Hi there! So it's been almost two years since my last prayer request. My last prayer request was for healing for my retired marine vet husband who was going through a lot of back pain, depression and ptsd from his deployment in Iraq in 07 and childhood trauma. I figure I'd update for those of you who were praying for me and my family. Since then, my girls' father left my girls and me August 2013, decided he wanted to find happiness which he lost through ptsd. To much pain and heartache and his regret, we got divorced November 2014. We had to sell our home and downsize. Luckily, I was able to keep the girls in the same school. God has blessed us tremendously through getting us by financially and having healed my girls and I through much support and encouragement from people around. I have gone back to school and got a certification as an emergency medical technician and giving back volunteering at our local fire station on the grave yard shift as an emt. But I am now looking for a job to support my girls and myself. My ex-husband living off of his disability and pension and regrettably still dependent on drugs, still in pain, spending money a lot and has since filed for bankruptcy and lost everything he has ever wanted and loved in life. My prayer requests. 1) Continued prayer for my ex-husband that God would plant hope in his heart again; 2) that God would heal him inside and out physically and mentally and spiritually 3) That God would find me a senior paralegal job in the local virginia area, preferably corporate law paralegal position in reston, herndon, dulles area with a great firm/company and staff 4) That God would continue to heal my girls and me from all of this. As a military family, where spouses, loved ones and children are so often neglected and forgotten when it comes to serving in the military, we went through a lot since the girls father served his 22 years in the Marine Corps and deployment in 2005. More specifically, I lost my husband and best friend. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


April 14, 2015 | Prayed for 5 times

My Christian mom is set to marry a non-believer in June. He has already begun to turn her away from us. He has separated her from the church. And her ministry was her farm, which he would like to sell. Please join my in prayer to separate them. Help her to recognize that he's not God's best for her. Please pray that they not get married. She doesn't believe that God will provide her with anyone else... She has been lonely for about 4 years...So please pray that her faith in God will grow exponentially from this experience.


April 13, 2015 | Prayed for 9 times

Please pray for my family member. His name is Ron. He is struggling in many areas of his life and is very depressed (borderline suicidal). We are very close with him and this is so heartbreaking. He lives in PA and I went to see him this weekend and was able to share the Lord with him and pray which is encouraging. But he is in a very dark place in his life and is very fragile.


April 11, 2015 | Prayed for 10 times

Thank you to all that have prayed for us over the past three weeks. As an update, my husband has lost his job. He has however kept his clearance and hopes at finding a new job quickly. Please pray for rapid responses to ads and a quick job placement. Also that his new job will be one he enjoys, one where the commute does not take him away from the family for additional time and where he has good positive people to work with. Please pray that we can continue to look at all the good (keeping his clearance) around us and not focus on the what could happen.


April 10, 2015 | Prayed for 10 times

One of my coworkers is not a Christian. She is challenging to work with and be around...for me. Kindly pray the Lord give me His love and wisdom to handle the challenging situation and relationships for His Glory so that I am a good witness onto Him. Thank you very much!


April 07, 2015 | Prayed for 14 times

Hi, I would like to request your prayers for my sister and her unborn child. Her son is due on May 11 and he is in a serious situation. Please pray for a miracle that God would heal him in the womb and that he will be born in perfect physical health and that surgery will not be required. The lower part of his body did not close and his bladder and colon did not separate when he was being formed. He is missing a valve in his heart and there are some issues with his liver. The organs in his chest may also be turned so they are not where they are typically found (ie his heart is on the right side instead of the left). He has so many issues and will need to have immediate surgery upon birth. The lower part of his body will be in a cast for 6-8 weeks and it looks like he will need to be in the hospital for a very long time. Please keep him in your prayers that he will be born in perfect health, will be a blessing to others, and that many people will witness a miracle! Please also pray for peace, hope, faith and strength for my sister. Thank you!

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